Posted by: Andre | November 4, 2009

Farm Project Introduction

As a bit of an overview to this project, I plan to travel to Papua New Guinea in 1-2 years time and begin farm level development in an effort to gain a larger interest from the specialty coffee market. The area in PNG has already been selected as I have friends with land who are in need of such type of assistance. I don’t claim to be an expert in anything coffee related, but I hope to become better integrated into the community to be able to launch this kind of grassroots effort to improve coffee quality.

Future plans can be categorized as:

  1. Processing method experimentation
  2. Soil nutrient control
  3. Within PNG Storage and Transport
  4. International direct sale of green coffee
  5. Within PNG coffee retailing

As preparation before embarking on this endeavor, I have planned to experiment in other areas of the coffee world as much as possible before I leave. This would include learning better how to roast, cup and evaluate defects in coffee. As well as develop electronics for a test-bench espresso machine. More to come in future posts…stay tuned…


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