Posted by: Andre | November 7, 2009

A Community Mill

Tonight Graydon (farmer and community support person) and I were talking on this topic. The basic focus being a community run processing mill as briefly mentioned in an earlier post. I was told that already land is being prepared for our effort there, and that raised African style beds are going to start being set up in preparation as well.

The idea with a community mill is that it will allow for a main centralized point to raise quality. Where even if farmers bring cherries that aren’t all ideal, they can be bought for a specific price, and then sorted and processed up to quality. This will give incentive for them to raise quality by picking the next time. Also jobs at the mill will be offered to the community, so that not only will they be paid for their coffee cherries up front (once set up properly this is my idea, but will be decided upon by the community), but also they will be offered paid work at the mill if they choose. There should be enough work for many people during harvest time, from sorting cherries, to managing processing, to hand-sorting green bean.

At this point a large warehouse has already been completed and will be used to store the coffee once it is awaiting buyers. Samples can be sent, along with our cupping notes, and in time reputation for our community’s mill should grow. Shipping is going to be a major hurdle for us, as I’m hoping to offer smaller amounts for sale to home roasters (as group buys, etc) or to small coffee shops and online vendors in the US.



  1. In respond to the above information, the road is also now getting link to the warehouse where it is giving more strength to the community and so all on quality and idea of community mill. Generally on responds of the farmers to this Community development stands positive.

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