Posted by: Andre | November 20, 2009

Ismaili Profiled

I really like Yemen coffees. Something about dry processing just appeals to my taste buds I guess. Today I roasted a 400g batch of Yemen Mokha Ismaili with the Arduino profiler. The basic idea is to come up with a good profile for espresso, and for now excluding Kenyans as I know they will take a bit of a different strategy.

So far the Arduino is doing great logging to a CSV file every 2s. It allows me to rebuild a graph of the roast time easily.

Line at about 10m is first crack start, a bit earlier than I anticipated. The roast came out similar as intended, only a bit longer time frame, but overall was of a similar shape as I was thinking. I was hoping to get to 1st crack in 8 minutes, but it took to about 10m which I suppose is because of the extended drying phase. Over time I will be tweaking this profile based on cuppings and impressions as espresso.



  1. As espresso this coffee is great. Both an amazing buttery mouthfeel as well as slight fruit flavors over a heavy chocolate base. It did much better than the other Harasi profile seen earlier.

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