Posted by: Andre | January 29, 2010

New Profiles

These two profiles are of a 3 bean blend. I roasted both at 400g back to back to see what the different outcomes will be on taste. The basic idea on one was medium heat for drying phase, then ramp to 1C at close to max heat. The other roast was higher heat for drying phase, then at about 80C back off the heat until around 120C then max heat to 1C…this is the one with a more pronounced concave curve.

I’ll post more impressions when I’ve had time for both, but so far results for the 2nd roast look promising…



  1. Well, I was right. The second roast was amazing! Just great comfort espresso. It comes through the caravel really well at a 10-11g dose, and has amazing amounts of body and rich flavors. It leaves me amazed each time I have a shot.

    I think the slower profile from end of drying phase to 1C really made it. But the first roast also had a slight dip after 1C which wasn’t ideal as well.

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