Posted by: Andre | February 4, 2010

Looking Towards a Commercial Lever

On the horizon of this project is the possibility of setting up a cafe in Port Moresby. Of course a lot has to happen before choice in just machine and such, but my plan is to acquire equipment before I go there in preparation for a small to medium sized espresso-based cafe. This will have to include roasting capabilities as from what I’m told no espresso shops or roasters exist there.

For a machine the Astoria Rapallo has caught my eye. I was actually hoping for a 3 group machine, but it may be more practical to go with a 2 group and expand to another 2 group if really necessary. Pair this with a couple Cimbali Max Hybrids and I think it will be capable of some good volume and great shots. The alternative is to try to find a good used vintage commercial lever.

I like the idea of a commercial lever as I would be comfortable servicing one myself for the most part. But also if I go with a vintage lever I could probably find one that is both 220V and gas operated, which could be quite a benefit to have that flexibility. The Astoria Gloria line (still available new as well) has this capability, and there also seems to be a ton of used Astorias around (mostly pump machines, but the levers are around).


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