Current Coffee Available

PNG co-operative Nunureta has SOLD all of their coffee for this season (2009). We hope to have next season’s crop available around August-September 2010.

2009 Crop Information

Country Origin: Papua New Guinea
Region: Milne Bay
Elevation: 1400 feet
Cultivar: Jamaica Blue Mountain (majority)
Crop: December 2009
Processing: Wet-Processed

Informal cupping notes:

Although I’m not a professional cupper, I believe that this is a reasonably fair evaluation of the coffee and should give an idea on the flavor that can be expected.

Aroma: Dry fragrance is excellent and as banana, clove and passion fruit notes. On break there is a peach, berry and papaya hints.

Body: Medium, but lingering. Very good light silky mouthfeel.

Flavor: Loads of tropical fruit flavors, papaya, mango, red banana, and has an underlying base of light cocoa powder. There are also hints of nougat and light cedar.

As it cools, it changes more to citrus or tart berries. The body gives it some weight over typical Central American washed coffees, but is still not as much as a typical dry processed or miel coffee. Overall because of the low defects, I believe this coffee would have scored quite well. Balance seemed quite even with the main flavors, but that means that one specific flavor didn’t really stand out above all the rest. So far it has made very interesting SO espresso, and benefits from a blend with something high in body.

Samples have been sent for a better cupping evaluation, but hopefully these first impressions are useful.



  1. This sounds interesting. I am cupping some ’10 coffees now and would like to try it. When will early samples of 2010 be available?


    • This year’s crop should start being available in August, but September is the main crop season. I’ll update this page as it becomes available.

  2. I would like to get some samples. Please email to arrange. Thanks

  3. We wd be very interested in sampling, getting to know more about your coffee operation, and potentially (hopefully!) purchasing!

    • Hi guys,

      We are attempting to source a good shipping option to the US for this season, will update this page when it’s setup. I’ll be getting a number of 60kg bags to split up for samples and small sales. Cupping notes should come shortly after it arrives. Thanks for all the interest!


  4. I just had my thermometer and spoon that help me in improving my roasting and tasting the coffee that I have them.

    I have been trying to get some thing like this to see how I can improve my roasting.

    for the coffee am still trying to bring the coffee from the farmers to the factory to get them into green beans so I will update you all when am ready.

  5. latest coffee demand in the country of PNG so on..

    • This upward shift in coffee prices is a good thing for PNG producers. Hopefully the run-down farms will be restored, adding needed supply of quality beans to the world market in the long run. As a US roaster, PNG coffee is the #1 or #2 coffee, always, in my inventory.


  6. Dear Friends,

    The year 2010 coffee bean has been sold in a balk to a buy where He came straight to the door and bought. I suppose do sales in green bean but because of the demand that forced the buyer to come and convinced to have it.

    My apology those of you are awaiting to buy some. Well another thing here in the country people are looking for the coffee that I could not keep it.

    any way we all look forward for the coming years coffee and see how we can manage to supply with samples and purchasing.

    you all will be reminded of the and updated.


  7. Through the survey for the coffee this year in PNG seem that it is going to be less ( low crop) and many are rushing into buying at the farmers door. due to financial means the cooperative may not able to purchase enough coffee this year. Many are coming with high rate in per kilo to win the interest of the farmers.

    All the factors of this are not an counted by the farmer for the future but cooperative is focusing on the establishment and working on its farms facilities.

    Last years coffee scored “AAA” but the buyer cheated the cooperative so all is following up to get what has been cheated on.

    We will not be entertaining the buyer again but will up date you on how much tonnes going to to be.


  8. This years coffee as been taken by some one in the country and denied the farmers that he will pay half of the fee than after sampling and grading than will complete the payments and end up in not paying,

    I have already ended my complain into the department of Agriculture and Livestock in the Provincial headquarter to look in to the matter. Such act will not be entertained in the province and not to cheat the farmers in the future.

    I am complying few things that can be used to assist in setting the foundation of the coffee and securing office in the provincial headquarter to own what is coming into.

    2011 production has dropped due to whether and that most farmers have not harvest that much. What has been harvested is not sufficient for export in replace of this will be looking onto food production.

  9. This is something that makes another great connection consumers.

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